Paramahansa Yoganananda (Mukundha) is an Indian Monk, Yogi and Guru born on 5th January 1893. He plays a vital role in introducing millions to the teachings of meditation and Kriya Yoga via his organization Self- Realization fellowship (SRF) and Yoganandha Satsanga society (YSS) of India. Paramahansa was born in India Gorakhur, Uttar Pradesh. He was from a Hindu Bengali Kavastha Family.

Yoganandha was second of the four sons and forth of the eight children of Bhagabati Charan Gosh and GyanPrabha Devi. His father Mr Bhagabati Charan Gosh worked as Vice President Bengal -Nagpur Railway and his Mother GyanPrabha Devi was a housewife. In Autobiography of Yogi stated about his early life and his parents’ character as his father was a honest, genuine, lovable and a strict Man. His mother character describes as full of lovable and soft woman as a symbol of feminism. Ms Gyan Prabha Charan was everything for Paramhansa Yogananda in the childhood. He loved his mother unconditionally. Both his parents were disciples of Lahiri Mahasaya.

According to research found that, His brother Sanandha declare as Yogandha earliest years of spiritual awareness was different and extra ordinary from ordinary. Meanwhile their father was Vice President of the Bengal Nagpur Railway, there moved several cities during Paramahansa childhood for the working purpose with family. They travelled Lahare, Bareilly and Kalkata. Referring to Autobiography of a Yogi, His mother passed away when he was eleven years old just before the wedding of his eldest brother Anantha.

According to Autobiography of a Yogi, a holy man was given a sacred amulet to his mother and his mother passed it to his bother Amunthan informed to give the sacred amulet to Paramahansa Yogananda in the right moment. The holy man told her that Muhunda was possess it for some years after which it would vanish into the ether from which it came from. According to Autobiography of a Yogi, when he was eleven years old, his mother died, just before the betrothal of his eldest brother Ananta; she left behind for Mukunda a sacred amulet, given to her by a holy man, who told her that Mukunda was to possess it for some years, after which it would vanish into the ether from which it came.

During his childhood, his father Charan Gosh give money for his vacations and trips to distant cities and pilgrimage spots which he would often bring his friends. In his teenage years he met many Hindu sages and saints, including the Soham “Tiger” Swami, Ganandha Baba and Mahendranath Gupta hoping to find a teacher to guide him in his spiritual path. In his childhood age he tried to escape to Himalaya to meet Himalayan monk with his friends, but he was caught by his brother Amuthan and his family disapprove his tendency to “renounce the world”.

At the early age of Paramahansa Master was Mahasaya who was discipline of Sri Ramakrishna wrote Gospel of Ramakrishna. At age of 17years Yoganandha meet his spiritual master Sri Yukterwar. Sri Yukteswar was a discipline of Lahiri Mahasaya. Paramahansa is came from Lineage of Kriya Yoga. He also known as father of Yoga in the west by the fellowship (Kriya Yoga Meditation). Lahiri Mahasaya has initiation from the immortal Babaji in Himalayas. Paramahansa Yoganandha spent most of his valued time in ashram of his master where he practised meditation for many hours on end of seeking to attain a glimpse of the cosmic and consciousness. After many of practise Paramahansa Yoganandha explained of samadhi by the grace of his Guru Sri Yukteswarar.


In 1917, Paramahansa Yogananda begans his work by founding an ashram school for boys name by “How -to Live and teaching combination of modern education methods and ancient Indian Yoga to promote spiritual and physical wellbeing in Rachi. Mahatha Gandhi also impressed and visit the school.

In 1920, Paramahansa Yogananda moved to America for an internal congress of religious leaders in Boston. 1924, he returns to America to begin his lecture and offered highest spiritual ideals of Vedanta in a format appropriate for modern America audiences. In1924, he founded the Self Realisation Fellowship an organization to teach his Kriya Yoga technique. Paramahansa Yogananda also establish spiritual community in Los Angles, and it was headquarters of Self Realization Fellowship. Thru the organization So many westerns become his followers.

In 1935, Yogananda returned to India for 18 months. He embarked tour meeting with many greatest saints such as Mahatma Gandhi, Ramana Maharishi and Sri Anandmayi ma. They are recounted in his bestselling book “Autobiography of Yogi. This is the first hand book describe life experience of Paramahansa Yogananda. It is also known as one of the best-selling spiritual books. Millions of people all over the world read the book and get benefit thru the lessons.

After returning to America, he retreated from public life and seeking to spend more time in meditation and writing spiritual guidance for the future generations including his teachings of Jesus Christ in the four Gospels and observations on the Bhagavad Gita. He also did modifications of earlier works such as Whispers from Eternity and the Yogoda Satsanga Lessons. Meanwhile, he worked with Sri Sri Mrinalini Mata, Sri Sri Daya Mata and few other of his closest disciples, instructing organizational and spiritual guidance that would enable them to carry on his work after he would be leave the world.

Parahamansa Yogananda told them “My body shall pass but my work shall go on. And my spirit shall live on. Even when I am taken away, I shall work with you all for the deliverance of the world with the message of God”. The devotees who come to self-Realization Fellowship genuinely seeking inward spiritual help will be given what they seek from God. Whoever came while he was alive or after samadhi the power of God via the link of the SRF guru shall flow into the believers or devotees just as same. The Ever-living Mahavatar Babaji promised that he will be protected and guide the progress of all sincere SRF devotes. Lahiri Mahasaya and Sri Yukteswarji, who have left their physical forms, and I myself, even after I have left the body all will ever protect and direct the sincere devotees of YSS-SRF (Yogada Satsanga / Self- Realization Fellowship). On 7th March 1952, Yogananda Paramahansa entered Mahasamathi.

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