Asana Alone Will Bring You Ashore

Lately, I have been meeting and receiving calls, messages from students and social media friends about the tough time they are going through their life which has affected them mentally and emotionally and caused depression. And they ask if yoga can help them to come out of these issues.

I felt like sharing something. Something personal. We all go through ‘that’ phase in life. When we are broken mentally and emotionally and it affects our relationship, health, social life and everything else.

I was a very strong person since small. Eldest child at home and a leader at work. I sailed through life very calmly until some live events occurred. It pulled me down completely. I was shattered and broken into pieces, all negative. I was depressed and emotionally unstable and vulnerable. I consoled my self through junk food bingeing. Within a month I gained about 9 kg. My health deteriorated and felt fatigue all the time and had no motivation to go on. My relationship with people around me turned sour. I was too ashamed to talk about it to anyone. I even thought of giving up on my precious dream job and running away from everything and everyone. I was on the brink of life.

And, that is when yoga come into my life. I joined Hatha Yoga Class. My master said, “Asana alone will bring you ashore. Nothing else is needed.” I embedded it strongly into my mind. I was physically stiff and heavy back then, Even touching the toes was a big challenge. I practiced yoga asanas consistently, faithfully. I become a religious, devoted asana practitioner. I spent hours on the mat, dropping of all the negativity. I rediscovered a more positive, strong and beautiful self on the mat every time. Gradually life changed. I become positive towards life. I accepted reality and started seeing everything in a bigger picture. I managed to let go off everything that was weighing me down. My health improved and emotionally I became very strong and stable. In 3 months, I was back to my confident and independent self. Yoga saved my life. And that is when I decided to spread this sacred art everyone, as much as possible till my last breath.

I always post pictures od me executing asanas so that I can inspire as many people as possible to walk into this path. When you see my pictures, you may see only physical strength and flexibility. But believe me what yoga gives within is far more deeper, far more majestic. What is gained physically is only a small portion. I went through tremendous changes externally and internally. Now I’m sailing through a normal life happily, detached from all the mental and emotional turbulence, give out nothing but live and receiving in abundance. Loads more to come. I thank my one and only Guru Master SK Durai for being the person who transferred this technology to me and all the gurus and mahans for blessing my path.

There are may ways of coming out of depression. Look for help. Don’t let yourself drown. Yoga is one of it. Yoga will heal us every way. Yoga gives what we need and more. If someone tells us there’s one medicine that can give you everything, wouldn’t we take it? Yoga is the medicine.

By Anuradha Kanasan, Senior Instructor & Co-Founder of Sakthi Yoga.

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