Everything in our life has a beginning and end. We are all born to die and die to be born again. This cycle goes round and round which is why it is called INFINITY. We can’t deny the fact that life is a dream and death is very much a reality for most of us. It’s a bitter truth. Life is a long journey and death is the final destination.

The gap between the day we are born till the day we die is actually an interlude. In this interlude, we go thru a process called evolution. It involves body, mind, emotion, and soul. The soul is constant and permanent. Whereas our body, mind, and emotion are something that keeps evolving, keeps changing, and keeps aging. It is impermanent.

Our physical body changes. We grow from an infant to a child, teen, adult until we become old. Our mind changes through our thinking or ideas. As we grow older and get matured, the mind produces better thoughts. Our emotion or heart changes through the feeling that we show as we react to situations around us. E.g., angry, happy, and sad.

Life happens with the combination of mind, heart, soul, and body. Our mind creates thoughts or ideas. When we live with these thoughts, it becomes an experience of our life. Our heart likes what it feels. Every experience creates feelings and emotions and they get registered in the mind. Our soul responds with emotion. All these feelings, emotions and experience gets registered in the soul. Our body expresses and experiences it through movement. When the mind and emotions evolve, they get closer to the soul and accept all the aspects of life in its totality with absolute understanding. When all the thoughts of the mind and all the emotions of the heartbeats are in synch with the soul at that present moment, the highest state of perfection is attained.

Every human will find a purpose in their life. Purpose can be in the form of goals and accomplishments. Whether we like it or not, we are all born followers. When we were young, we follow our parents. When we start seeing the outside world, we start following our friends. Subsequently, we will start following politics, religious beliefs and to a few, they follow others until to a point where they don’t even know what they are following or chasing after.

Every one of us has goals in life. Life goals are what we want to achieve in life. It’s our desire. Goals make our life beautiful and help us create a satisfying, balanced and meaningful life. When we have a goal, we live for that goal and put effort each day to achieve it. When we achieve it, it brings us some kind of happiness or contentment. Goals vary from person to person and the most common ones are education, career, marriage and family, materials or wealth, and social & religious responsibilities.

Education is the light of life. It can be gained from any form; teachings from school/life lessons from our parents or our own experience. It is the most important factor for the development of human civilization. It removes the darkness of ignorance. It enhances our status as a human. It expands our vision and the way we see the world.

The education that we acquire, teaches us how to earn. So, we look for jobs and start our careers to make a living. Work provides an avenue to fulfill our life’s purpose. It creates financial stability and maintains a standard of living. Work also provides a sense of productiveness

In the beginning stage, humans chase another human for love and get married. Relationships, marriage, and family are the core of every community. Families are universally recognized as an important source of support and security. They can provide safe and stable environments which cultivate the growth and development of each member throughout the different stages of life, from birth to old age.

After the love and desire for another human wear off, we start chasing monetary things. We chase money and possessions like cars, properties or even bigger than that. Wealth gives people a sense of security. It gives us the comfort that we need to live in the world with ease. The philosophy behind it is, the more money you have, the more secure your future will be. Yet, no one seems to have a clear answer for the question “do money buy happiness”.

Once we have achieved all these goals, we will finally reach a point where we think it’s time for us to fulfill our religious responsibilities. We become more spiritual and become closer to God. We become more aware of the total well-being of others or we start caring for society and nature. This is when we attain self-realization. It displays a positive outlook, forgiveness or self-acceptance, meaning and purpose, clear values, and feelings of peace.

All the chasings will go on till the ‘D’ comes that is death. Death is the final stage of all. It’s the withdrawal from the external world. It’s the constant, changeless ending of the vital process by which we are sustained. It is a tragic occurrence that can change the way family functions in any culture or race or background.

No matter how rich or poor we are, how accomplished we are, knowledgeable or refined we are, death is the destination we will all share. Every one of us will kick the bucket one day. But “when” will be the question mark as long as we live.

At death, the soul moves from the dead body to a new body. Usually, there are no memories of the previous life. Therefore, personal identity cannot be retained. This new body can be of any living thing form from an insect to an animal or even plants or trees. So, it’s necessary for all of us to love what we do, to grow and evolve with the process of evolution. If we don’t love what we do, we resist all the time with life which makes the life path more difficult.

The life cycle of birth death and rebirth is a process unless we evolve with the mind, in which all the desires of this world, get dropped and we set ourselves free from this life. The mind will not become constant like the soul, till it gets convinced with all the knowledge and experience of life.

Acceptance is the key to life in any given condition. If we can accept everything that comes on our path with the right knowledge and understanding, we can change even the negative emotions into positive ones. You only live once. So, make it count.

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