According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Hanuman was the commander of the monkey army, also a divine and a faithful companion of Lord Rama in ‘Ramayana’.I personally feel that Lord Hanuman is a God of Devotion, strength, and self-discipline. Apart from that, he was a Brahmachari. The are many lessons were taught by Lord Hanuman, I’ve chosen 3 lessons here which we can apply on a day to day life.

Firstly, I would say Humility and Loyalty. Lord Hanuman had extreme powers, he was able to fly high, expand and shrink himself, he was also very strong and intelligent. Although he was strong and powerful, he was always eager to serve his Master Lord Rama without fail because of his unconditional Bakthi towards Lord Rama. These qualities inspire us to always be humble, polite, and always respect others. Do not let the power corrupt us.

Secondly, we all go through difficulties in our life, all of us have gone true hard times. Always remember that only in the time of difficulty we will find our true strength. When Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, Lord Hanuman and his clan went for a search. They were searching day and night and ended up at a seashore. Lord Hanuman and his clan were all so disappointed for not being able to locate Sita and at the same time they do not want to go back to Lord Rama without her, they were all in a situation to give up and then there came a vulture called ‘Sampathi’, who informed them that Sita was kidnaped by Ravana, but In order to save her, they have to cross the sea. None of them are capable of crossing the sea except for Lord Hanuman, but Lord Hanuman himself does not know that he had superpowers within him, only after being reminded by ‘Jambavan’ the king of bears, Lord Hanuman realized his ability and expended his form to make the leap to Lanka and met Sita. What we understand here is, all of us are capable of doing incredible things, we are very strong on our own, all we need at that point in time is the courage not to give up, and we will be able to solve it.

Finally, be at service always like Lord Hanuman. we should always accomplish the task given, do not leave it halfway. When Lord Laksmana, brother of Lord Rama was severely injured, Lord Hanuman was asked to bring the ‘Sanjeevani’ herb from Mount Dronagiri, by the Vaidya. Lord Hanuman does not know how the herb looks like, yet he agreed to go because he was ready to do whatever is necessary to keep Lord Laksmana alive. He leaped to Mount Dronagiri but still could not recognize the ‘Sanjeevani’ herb. That’s when he decided to uproot a part of the mountain and managed to save Lord Laksmana. The lesson we learned here is when we are at service or committed to something, always make sure we’re committed fully and do it with all your heart to make sure it’s accomplished, like Lord Hanuman.

This is the end of my topic about the lessons by Lord Hanuman. I hope we all can practice this in our day-to-day life.


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