Our Semenyih SSOY center is located in the Kiara Trade Zone and is open for a variety of different classes in asthanga vinyasa and hatha yoga practices. Our Female Only yoga class runs on Tuesdays and Sundays while our Mix Classes are on Thursday. Kids Yoga sessions are available for weekend and weekday slots. Men’s Yoga lessons are open on Sunday at our Semenyih yoga school, along with our Weight Loss Yoga program. Families are encouraged to join our Family Yoga sessions, held on Saturday.

Three levels of Bharatanatyam classes are also held at our Semenyih yoga shala – for beginners, advances, and adults. Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda Massage sessions are by appointment only, as with our prenatal & postnatal Yoga classes.

Our Semenyih Branch

Sakthi School of Yoga™, Semenyih


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Sakthi School of Yoga™, Semenyih