The sound “OM”

Om is an easiest sound and a powerful sound with multiple meanings. Om is the most used and considered as the king of Mantras. Om is not a word, it’s a sound that create and represent the inner peacefulness of a person. It is also known as the sound of our universe. Om means everything our truth, love, peace, purity and more. Om contained all and it’s eternity. Om plays main role in human’s life. The energy of Om blended together with us seems we born.

In Hinduism Om is the universal name of God. Om being used as sound and visual representation. Om and Hinduism are like a conjoined twins no power can separate Hinduism from Om because it’s a part of their rituals. Om is one of the main spiritual sound, symbol and mantra that used in Hindu worship. Om mantra will be chanted at the beginning and end of prayers so it purified the worshiper’s mind. Based on Hindu believe chanting om will brings a calm vibration in them and it will help them to be more focused on their meditations and worship. Importantly, repetitive chanting of Om purifies their soul as well as brings energy to one person’s entire body and mind if they believe in the sound of Om.

The sound of Om can do wonders to our physical and mental health. The sound is already being using as a therapy for reducing stress and depressions. Especially the vibrant sound of Om can do magic with an ordinary person who deals with psychological and physiological health problems due to an unhealthy lifestyle in this current multifaceted world. Even though there is no any oral intake of medicine are involved still the vibrant sound of Om can heal and beneficial to our health. By frequent chanting of Om mantra will help reduce our stress and provide tranquility. Om Mantra playing an important role in healing mind by making us calm and peaceful while chanting it. Additionally, chanting om with the correct breathing technique will allows oxygen to enter our body, it can help to maintain blood oxygen level and boosts productivity. Meditating while chanting Om will also improve our body immune system which has contributed multiple benefits to lead a balanced healthy life. Most importantly Om Sound brings happiness and positivity to our mind. A Positive mind will always make you healthier and will improve overall well – being.

Furthermore, Om mantra also has been using in yoga and meditation practices. According to Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra, He has said, “Repeat and meditate on the sound of Om: It brings about the disappearance of all obstacles and an awakening of a new consciousness.” Practicing of Om sound at the beginning of yoga will help a person to be more conscious in yoga. Om sound also will help to free the mind from unwanted thoughts so you can fully engage your body as well as your mind in yoga. The combination of Om and yoga will help a yoga practitioner to connect themselves deeper to yoga by eliminating stress and balanced their emotion so you can achieve yoga poses and yoga postures with sincerity.

In Conclusion, Om is a sound that creates positive energy that give calmness and stress-free life to the person who practicing it. If we believed and chanted Om frequently it will eliminate negative vibrations around us and will provide a positive thinking, calmness than peace. As well as chanting Om mantra with correct breathing will help to balance emotions and ease negative thoughts so we can live a happy and healthy life.

By Renoogah Periasamy

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