Vedic Astrology (Jyotishya)

Astrology was the original science through which ancient first studied and discovered the movement and structure of universe. It was not only the science of the physical universe but also play a vital role in the research of inner self which deals with the mind and soul. Since astrology helps to understand the cosmic energy, it can also be used to understand all dimensions of life such as ancient system of medicine which is Ayurveda and the practice of yoga which practiced gaining balance between the solar and lunar energy within the body. Without the knowledge of astrology, the understanding of cosmic energy and its impact that could be drawn to human life would not be established. Fundamentally, human connection with the stars mirrors the relationship with the cosmos and inner self. As an effect of the evolution of mankind, there is a lot of misconception on vedic astrology, and it has been not regarding as a science and degenerated only as fortune telling. The truth is that astrology is the science of consciousness, symbol of spiritual development and key to achieve liberation. In the beginning of human civilization, the root of vedic astrology was planted by the great superhuman of India, the rishis.

The great rishis studied the movement of prana or life energy in human body through the understanding of movement of the Sun which is discovered through the science of astrology. The main principle of vedic astrology is the understanding of oneness with the universe. The other name for vedic astrology is “Jyotishya” which is derived from Sanskrit word as science of light. Vedic astrology is based on the Rig Veda and sidereal zodiac can also be called as cosmic astrology because it measures the solar system, fixed stars and galaxy. Hence it is reliable for spiritual astrology since the prediction is based on broaden view.

Yoga is an implication of vedic astrology to understand the body and mind. From that perspective, one could summarize that vedic astrology is not related to psychology of helping one to attain material or worldly bliss but the other perspective of it where it is to achieve certain level of worldly bliss in ordered to guide the body and mind achieving liberation and realization. This represented as “the universe is within me, and I am the universe”. Vedic astrology is crucial in situation when a person who is not channeling the energy within on the positive direction, suffers all disease, fear of death, financial crisis, unstable mental and emotional state. Hence, the solution to freed from the sufferings are by performing certain activities, and yoga is one main solution. On the other hand, it treats the real soul or the pure consciousness beyond the conditioned mind by harmonizing and integrating the energy within in a positive direction and to fee from the negative impacts of clashing of cosmic energy by the movement of planets. With ignorance and without proper understanding of astrology, humankind concentrates on seeking for science of light on the outer side or the universe by listening to the prediction made using birth chart and so on. Regardless of the birth chart if one realize that it is not about harmonizing with the Sun outside but the Sun within us. The life of the person will be in ecstasy that not an ordinary human will apprehend.

As a conclusion, to elevates one’s life they must lead a life with certain principles. As it has been thought by our ancestor, we shall consider ourselves blessed that we have a few sets of knowledge and skillsets to follow to attain liberation, achieve oneness and to lead a purposeful life which are astrology, yoga, and karma. With that, one should understand that all three elements don’t stand alone by itself, it is correlated with one and another. With a great understanding and mastery over only these three vedic teachings one can transcends a superhuman life like how our rishis and sages had in those times.

With that being said, it is hoped it could have cleared the prospection of astrology in our minds that it is not solely a prediction of future, but it is more than that, it is a science of light from within us. Lastly, all that is born, has to die and all that had died, have to reborn. The cycle of birth continues so a person should change their focus from just physical body and this one life and goes deep down in your own consciousness to understand and reveals your ultimate potential and being. Then nothing in this worldly life can affect nor influences you, as mentioned earlier you will lead an extraordinary life that is contented and filled with pure joy and happines.

By Thasha Gunaseharan

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