Vibrational energy

Vibrational energy shows that everything and everyone in this universe is vibrating and creating energy. What is vibrational energy? Vibrational energy experts claim that certain emotions and thought patterns, such as joy, peace, and acceptance, create high frequency vibrations, while other feelings and mindsets such as anger, despair, and fear vibrate at a lower rate. As Kaiser explains, “You will only attract to yourself energy that matches up with your energy. You will only attract vibrations that match up with your vibration.” Vibrational energy is about matching the specific frequency of what you are seeking for and start to create the frequency within yourself by any means like meditation, yoga or being grateful. So how are you going vibrate in high frequency?

You are a living magnet on this earth. What you align with vibration is easier to attract. If you create what you want, now your mind get organized. When the mind is organized, your thought, emotion, energy and your body will get organized in same direction where you will have the ability to manifest what you want is phenomenal. We always have to focus on the good things or what we want rather than giving more attention on what we don’t want. This is because when you constantly think about what you are lacking in life you are again attracting the same vibration into you life where the situation will be even worst than before. Focusing on what you want to have in your life by sending positive affirmations without doubting yourself will eventually help to elevate the vibrational energy in your life.

What holds us back in life is the visible architecture of fear. It keeps us in our comfort zones, which are in truth the least safe places in which you live. Indeed, the greatest risk in life is taking no risks. But every time you do that which you fear, you take back the power that fear has stolen from us. Every time you step into the discomfort of growth and progress you attract more higher frequency vibrational energy and you become more free. Remember that your thoughts have vibrational energy, so always focus on good things. How to enhance your focus? Deep breathing is a good way to align your vibrational energy in high freaquency. When you learned to control your breathing it can calm your mind, you will be emotionally controlled and will attract well beings.

Gratitude! The way you do small things determines the way that you do everything. If you execute our minor tasks well, you will also excel at your larger efforts. Spending few seconds of your day to notice and being thankful and grateful for what is good in your life is often leads to raise your high frequency vibration. As you started to express your gratitude intentionally and regularly will enhance your psychological well-being and you will start to attract more positivity and miracles into your life which leads to happier and peaceful lifestyle. As you are practicing to be grateful for every tiny things in your life, you will eventually start to feel blessed with the best and will stop complaining about what you don’t have. As you start to appreciate everything and everyone in your life your vibrational energy gets higher and you will start to feel lighter, brighter and happier. Good things will start to happen to you where you go, and you will enjoy living your life. No matter how easy or hard your current conditions, we all have a wealth of simple blessings aroud us waiting to be counted. As you do, your happiness grows. Your gratitude expands and each day becomes a breath-taking gift. Be grateful.

In addition, location or place also plays an important role in creating vibrational energy in your daily life. When you are doing something repeatedly at the same place for a prolong time, that place will start to have particular energy. Nowadays many people are doing different activities in the same place that requires different energy which will confuse the energy of that particular space. For an example, you eat where you sleep, you sleep where you work, you work where you consume entertainment. This will lead you to attract low vibrational energy where you will be less productive. The confusion and effects of using the same place for many activities will leads to become less productive, less effective and less focused. How to overcome this? You have to simplify your spaces to one activity and being single tasking at a time can absolutely transform your life. By make zones on your home for particular activity will make our life peaceful and productive with high vibrational energy.

Finally, you have the power to attract the higher frequency vibrational energy into your life and elevate your lifestyle. Always focus on joy, peace, love and positivity as these vibrations will help you to be happier and healthier. Remember that your thoughts have vibration. Every single one of us is here for a reason, a special purpose, a mission. Yes, build a beautiful life for yourself. Serve to as many people as possible. This is how each of us can shift from the realm of the ordinary into the heights of the extraordinary and walk among the best who have ever lived.

-Everything is vibrational energy- including YOU-

By Eswari Arjunan 

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